Reliable Fire Company

In the year of 1931, a group of men met in Klausers Hall on Water Street to form a new Volunteer Fire Company.  Eighteen men were present.  A committee of three men were appointed to solicit the help of the first Fire Chief, George Allgair of Engine Company No. 1 and his son William Allgair, one of the popular Mayors of the Borough of South River.  The group had arranged a meeting with the Honorable Mayor John Fitzpatrick and Fire Commissioner John Regeilski to see the governing body the need of a new Volunteer Fire Company.  The meeting was successful.

In the month of May 1937, the Mayor and Council approved the formation of the Reliable Fire Company,  They assigned the Mack Hook and Ladder Pumper Fire Truck, the location in the Borough they would be responsible for, as well as sharing the George Street Fire House and its equipment.

The training of the Reliable Fire Company was undertaken by members of Engine Company No. 1 - John Wenzel, Charles Gardner Sr., and William Reichenbach, Sr.  Three months of training was sufficient to let Reliable Fire Company assume the responsibility of calls in their assigned area.

In 1937, The Reliable Fire Company had been accepted as a member of the New Jersey State Fireman's Relief Association.